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Alaska's Own Cannabis 
Service Company

Permafrost Services is your very own Full Trimming, Harvesting, Pre-Roll Packing Service Company with one thing in mind: To collaborate with as many of our fellow cultivators to create an unstoppable community! With Permafrost Services, you don't have to skip a beat! You can concentrate on the important tasks, Tending to your ladies, and let Permafrost Services do the heavy lifting! 

What We Do!


We take pride in Bag Appeal! Every bud gets individual treatment, creating the most beautiful bud we can! Expert Dry Trimming available. We just want to create a finished product that represents your expectations!At a rate of 2 pounds dry per 8 Hours per crew member, our trimmers will strive to exceed your expectations every time!


Do you have bud that just didn't make the cut on the bag appeal? Have some "Immature Bud" we can wrap up and want to pay the appropriate tax? Pre-Roll time! We use a Futurola KnockBox and have the capacity to create 300-500 pre-rolls/day! Let us get your cannabis ready for delivery and smoking!

Pay With Product!

We offer a revolutionary payment system called Pay With Flower!

This allows our clients to pay for our services with the product itself. When you get your invoice, you can offset that with your flower, your price, your terms!

Let's Keep Alaska Lifted together!


Contact us for more info!

Phone: 907-980-7584

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